Frequently Asked Questions

Will I always have the same instructor?

Once you have a permanent custom schedule, you will have the same instructor each week. That said, there are times when your instructor may be absent due to sickness or personal time off, at which time you will be provided with another qualified instructor. With the exception of rare and specific cases, we are not always able to provide advanced notice of substitute instructors.

What if I just want to have a try-out?

If you would like take a look at our facility, meet the instructors and have a single Private lesson, we offer them based on our schedule’s availability. While you are not required to go on schedule permanently, Private Lessons are $43 each. If you decide to go on schedule, you will be required to pay a registration fee and payment will be due monthly based on the number of lessons scheduled for that month.

Do you offer any discounts?

To reward our most loyal families, as of March 1, 2021, we began offering multiple discount opportunities. A 10% discount can be earned by either enrolling multiple members of the same household in recurring weekly lessons or by enrolling any single individual in multiple recurring lessons per week (only one discount may apply at any given time and cannot be combined). Additionally, we offer a grandfathered rate for recurring private lessons so long as the student remains on schedule during any subsequent price increases.

Do you offer any financial aid?

While private swim lessons represent the best option to prevent accidental drowning, we acknowledge that the cost of private lessons may be out of reach of many families in our community. As such, we do offer a swim lesson scholarship program to parents, children, and caregivers of low-income families and families experiencing temporary financial hardship. If interested please contact our School Director, Patty Romero to discuss your individual circumstances.

How do you define “water safe”?

Our definition of “water safe” is clear, common sense and consists of three basic skills:

  • The ability to swim the length of any size pool while comfortably taking strong breaths
  • The ability to tread water, in the deep end, for a minimum of sixty seconds
  • The ability to dive or jump into the water and swim safely to the edge of the pool

Our students learn true water safety and proper technique, making them stronger, safer and more capable swimmers than those who learn elsewhere. Over the years, parents and coaches of competitive swim clubs throughout Los Angeles have validated this time and time again.

How long will it take to become water safe?

It is impossible to estimate the number of lessons it will take to achieve water safety without having the student in our pool at least once as it depends on a number of factors including: a student’s age, initial comfort ability in the water (past experiences may play a role in this), physical capability, etc. Your instructor will asses your child during their first lesson and will discuss with you a plan of action to achieve progress in a timely manor. We simply cannot make any guarantees considering that each student is unique and instead focus on the process of learning to swim, one step at a time.

What if my child has special needs?

Our progressive method of one-on-one swim instruction has proven to be effective and adaptive to children and adults with a wide range of mental, social, and physical disabilities. As with all of our private lessons, the instructors are trained to help each student push past their physical, cognitive, or neurological challenges to gain confidence and ultimately become water safe.

Do you offer group lessons?

Other than our Parent & Me, Summer Swim Clinic and Pre-Swim Team classes, we do not offer group lessons. We firmly believe that private, one-on-one swim lessons are the most effective and valuable option an individual can take to become water safe. Private lessons are not only safer than group lessons, they provide a far more personable and positive experience that can be tailored to each individual student's learning style. Additionally, with other private lessons occurring simultaneously in our pools, students are able to benefit by observing other students at many different learning levels. Furthermore, our private lesson scheduling system allows for the highest degree of scheduling flexibility and a generous make-up policy.

Are the pools heated and covered?

Our pools are warmed to a comfortable 90-92 degrees year round and are covered with shade canopies. During the winter months, our pool deck is partially enclosed to maintain a warm and cozy environment.

How are your pools maintained?

As with all permitted and licensed swim schools located in the county of Los Angeles, we are regulated by the Public Health Department and are required to meet minimum testing and water quality standards set by local public health codes. Our pools' quality levels are monitored multiple times daily and disinfection is achieved by using approved automatic chlorinators in conjunction with the manual addition of sanitation chemicals at the direction of a certified pool technician during non-business hours.

Why do you collect an annual registration fee?

Charging a small, annual registration fee helps keep our lesson prices as affordable as possible year-round by allowing clients to enroll, un-enroll, and use make-ups at any time throughout the year while the registration is active.

Do you offer make-ups if I am unable to make it to a lesson?

Students are responsible for payment of all scheduled Private and Pre-Swim Team lessons regardless of absence. However, lessons may be made up at another time. You may not use your regularly scheduled lesson time for make-ups. 24-hour notice of absence is appreciated. All make-up lessons are based on availability and scheduled through our Swim School Office.

What if I need to make a change to my schedule?

We offer very flexible scheduling. As your needs change, stop by our office or give us a call and we will work with you to the very best of our ability to create an accommodating schedule based on availability.

How do I discontinue lessons?

We require one week’s written notice to go off schedule at which point, we will send out an invoice for any outstanding balances. When you are ready to come back, just give us a call about one week in advance!

What if I'm running late for my scheduled lesson time?

Lessons start promptly at their scheduled time so it is important that you arrive early in order to receive your full lesson. If you are running late, we will do our best to accommodate a full lesson based on schedule availability.